There's nothing quite like the FitPro 30 Day Challenge, ANYWHERE else in the world! If you follow our 30 Day Challenge, you WILL see results, regardless of your initial fitness level. Our quality of program is unparalleled.


Here's what's included with entry:


- 30 days of expertly designed workouts - scaled each day from beginner to expert (ALL SKILL LEVELS!!)

- 4 weekend challenges

- NO GYM REQUIRED. We encourage all of our participants to join a gym, but it is not required

- Full dietary guidance - grocery list, sample meal plan, recipe book, macro recommendations, food log assessment

- Technique coaching via remote video

- Nationwide competition

- Temptations, pop challenges, gameplay, and more...

- Prizes for the winners - to be revealed


  • By Monday 8/7/17 11:59AM = $50 returning players / $75 new players
  • By Tuesday 8/8/17 11:59PM = $75 returning players / $100 new players
  • By Thursday 8/10/17 = $100 returning players / $125 new players
  • Subtract $10 for each new referral at time of sign-up



The challenge is expertly directed by the President and Head Trainer of FitPro, Tia Norris, who will scale ALL WORKOUTS from total beginner to fitness fanatic. ALL SKILL LEVELS will be challenged to increase strength, build muscle, torch body fat, and dramatically increase athletic performance in this all-encompassing challenge.


You don't even have to use all the workouts right NOW. You could purchase the workouts and dietary advice for future use. These are one-time prices that will not last, so take advantage while you can!




You email me ( ASAP - you may use the form at the bottom of this page. I will then send you an invoice for your one-time, non-refundable, entry fee. You pay it by Friday, 8/11/17 at 12:00pm AZ time. You set up a profile on MyFitnessPal and start tracking your diet. The program starts on Saturday, 8/12/17. It runs for 30 days, through 10:00a on 9/11/17.




We strongly encourage that you do the gym workouts. But, the short answer is, NO, you do not need a gym to participate. Each day will have four versions of the same workout - an at home version, a beginner, an intermediate, and an advanced version.




1. This challenge has been titled "BASIC TRAINING" - and if you're a challenge veteran, you know that Basic Training was our hardest challenge to date! The theme here is MILITARY - each week will pay homage to a branch of the military, with workouts and weekend challenges following suit for each branch. This challenge will also feature atypical programming with a calisthenics and cardio focus. Get ready!


2. PARTNERS! People always do best when they have someone else to work with - round up your best fitness friend and prepare for battle!


3. Weekend challenges will be more manageable. We heard our customers' requests and are going to make this challenge more focused on the weekly workouts, with the weekends not quite being as ridiculous. There will still be weekend tasks, just not quite as grueling.


4. Food log assessment, technique coaching, and prize entry are included in the entry fee!




You will take an initial fitness test to determine your fitness level.  All participants will take an initial fitness test, which will be assigned on Friday, 8/11/17 and must be completed by Sunday, 8/13/17.





The key to the competition is POINTS. Each workout, temptation, weekend challenge, pop challenge, and other fitness tasks will earn you a certain number of points.  You will ALSO earn points for miscellaneous activities, such as top social media check-ins per class, and more.  So, the points will be a combination of ALL THINGS fitness, and will be scored against the other members of your class.


The winning team from each class will all receive a prize from FitPro! The prize is currently in the works and will be revealed mid-challenge!



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