4 Week Express Cut

4 Week Express Cut

Get leaner, faster, and stronger while you torch body fat and sculpt lean, sexy muscle — in just 4 weeks >>

Want to lose up to 10# in just 4 weeks?

Want to get serious about your diet, exercise, and health?

Ready to work your literal ass off for killer results in a short amount of time?

Welcome to my 4 Week Express Cut.


Crank your results to the maximum with some of the most challenging, most intense workouts I’ve ever written. We will focus on speed, explosive power, and overall athletic ability – and after 4 weeks, you’ll be leaner, faster, and stronger than when you came in. And we all know that when you look better, you feel better.

Shortcut all the BS with my exact roadmap to be precise with food, calories, macro’s, supplements, reps, rest, technique, and all the details you need to make the cut. Let me do the thinking for you and take the guesswork out of what works, FAST.

And you’ll lock in DAILY accountability from me in our private Facebook group, with access to me to ask your questions, send technique videos, check in on diet, and anything else you need along the way to help you succeed.

Ready to get shredded?

What’s included in your signup fee:

  • 4x weeks of expertly designed workouts (ALL SKILL LEVELS – beginners welcome!)
  • 5x 60min workouts per week (can do at home with dumbbells + bands). Each workout will have 40min of lifting and 20min of HIIT cardio
  • Maximum intensity – each workout will be fast-paced, high volume, and highly engaging to drive maximum results
  • Full nutrition setup: calories, macros, supplements, and more invaluable diet advice
  • Snag your free copy of my Daily Fitness Doctrine – my top secret must-do’s for optimizing your daily performance and energy
  • LIVE nutrition Q+A in first week to solidify diet plan
  • Technique coaching via remote video – this alone is worth thousands $
  • Nationwide participation
  • Each exercise in the app has a video explanation and demonstration by Tia
  • Keep these workouts forever! Work at your own pace. Use some now, or some later
  • Private Facebook group for accountability and support

Transform your mind, body, and health while you get jacked with us for just $97. It’s a STEAL for all the programming, support, technique coaching, diet help, and unlimited access to me for the entire month. What are you waiting for? Trust yourself, make the commitment, and LET’S GET CUT!

Ready to sign up? Email me at tkn@fitprollc.com to reserve your spot and to elevate your fitness and physique to the next level, TODAY. See you in the program!