6 Week Lean Gains

6 Week Lean Gains

Sculpt lean, sexy muscle just in time for summer – build a defined and chiseled physique that you’re confident about, in just 6 weeks >>

We all deserve to feel confident, sexy, and secure in our own skin. YOU deserve to feel good in your clothes, your swimsuits, in the mirror, everywhere. Of course, there may be a lot of ways to pursue this confidence, but why not let me handle the diet+exercise piece? Join me, and I’ll show you how to build hard, defined muscle QUICKLY and in just a few hours per week – WITHOUT adding pounds on the scale. #goals¬†(well, unless you want to add pounds, then it’s no problem – we’ll add calories to ensure that you do!)

For decades, my obsession has been building muscle. I think of all the goals I train, this one truly is my specialty. As a “hardgainer” (someone who has a very hard time building muscle), and especially as an Ironman triathlete, I constantly fight to maintain as much muscle mass as I can. I’ve cracked the code on how to feed yourself and how to lift, how heavy/how much/how many reps, to rapidly chisel and build muscle, and to ultimately achieve your ideal physique in a fraction of the time. It’s all about pre/post/during workout nutrition, overall calories, and volume allllllll the way up, baby. Let me show you my muscle building secrets in this ALL NEW program…

What’s included in your signup fee:

  • 6x weeks of expertly designed workouts (ALL SKILL LEVELS – beginners welcome!)
  • 5x gym-based workouts per week (can do at home with dumbbells + bands)
  • Increased volume, less rest – more reps per set to achieve maximal muscle definition
  • Full nutrition setup: calories, macros, supplements, and more invaluable diet advice
  • Optimize your nutrition pre, post, and during workouts to feed the muscles and torch fat
  • Daily core+arm blasts to sculpt everyone’s favorite beach muscles
  • Snag your free copy of my Daily Fitness Doctrine – my top secret must-do’s for optimizing your daily performance and energy
  • LIVE nutrition Q+A in first week to solidify diet plan
  • Recompose your physique with expert calorie strategies: enough calories to fuel kickass workouts, but enough of a deficit to lean out along the way
  • Technique coaching via remote video – this alone is worth thousands $
  • Nationwide participation
  • Each exercise in the app has a video explanation and demonstration by Tia
  • Keep these workouts forever! Work at your own pace. Use some now, or some later
  • Private Facebook group for accountability and support

At just $111, the value is a total steal here! Learn my tricks of the trade for building tight, sculpted muscle FAST without gaining weight on the scale. My programs are structured, challenging, and engaging – I’ll be with you every single step of the way. Make the commitment to yourself and let’s get to work.

>> Sign up before Monday, 6/6 at 11:59pm AZ time and score access to an additional LIVE Q+A session with Trainer Tia – ask your individual questions on diet, lifting, technique, and any other burning fitness questions in an exclusive 1:1 format!

Ready to sign up? Email me at tkn@fitprollc.com to reserve your spot and to elevate your fitness and physique to the next level, TODAY. See you in the program!