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Help your clients achieve better results, while you make more money and work less.

What if your fitness business was as profitable as you’d like, and you still had time to spare?

Elevate your brand with our coaching systems for fitness professionals.

With our client-centered and no-nonsense approach: your customers will get more results, while you streamline your business operations, and increase your quality of life.

Proudly introducing our foundational business course for fitness professionals:

Healthy Clients, Wealthy Business.

Our inaugural course begins in September, 2021. Tune into our social media for full details on launch!

Who this course is designed for:

  • Personal trainers, coaches of any kind, physical therapists, nutritionists, dietitians, yoga instructors, dance instructors, bodyworkers, and other wellness-related professionals
  • New business owners who want to learn the ropes right from the start, and to learn proven strategies to sidestep common mistakes while building income quickly
  • Established business owners who feel stuck and/or would like to elevate their business to the next level
  • Those that care first and foremost about their clients’ results and successes, but who also want to make a comfortable living and not work themselves to the bone doing it (been there, done that!)
  • Those who have dedicated their careers to helping other people in health and wellness – but can’t seem to hit the income level they desire
  • Those who want a full roster and a waiting list, who can then screen for the most ideal clients and don’t have to work with everyone at everytime out of desperation
  • Those who want to free themselves from the phantom chains of social media, and to make their posts more potent and less frequent
  • Those who want to build their business and reputation with integrity

Who it’s not designed for:

  • Hustlers, scam artists, people who only care about money and not their clients
  • Business owners who like working 24/7, constantly on the edge of burnout, always scrambling for the next income source
  • Attention seekers who use and abuse client success stories as a reflection back upon themselves
  • Those shallow fitness professionals who always post “ass+abs” SeLfiEs and the like, as the majority of their content on social media
  • Practitioners who don’t want to evolve and think they’ve got it all figured out

How the course works, and what’s included:

  • The course spans six weeks with one 60-75min+ live video module per week via Facebook (replay available)
  • Each day will also present prompts for immediate application and reflection to your business, today
  • Lifetime access to the course – participants can re-watch at any time, or can purchase now to watch down the road
  • All participants will be invited to a private mastermind Facebook group for real-time support, accountability, and questions along the way, including access to Tia for individual questions
  • Cost = just $500 paid in full, for the six weeks of modules. The price will never be this low again!
  • Participants may choose to make two payments of $275 instead of the paid in full option

Course outline:

Module 1: Master Your Mindset

> Leverage what you already know to be true in fitness, into your business: discipline, drive, and persistence through ups and downs

> Drop the scarcity mindset and realize you don’t have to work hard to be successful

> Realize the pitfalls of perfectionism

> Create services because you WANT to, not because you NEED to: be aware of your energy around new product or service launches

> Play the long game (really long) and hold the vibe: your worth as a business owner is a choice

Module 2: Skillful, Sleek Social Media

> Show less of your ass and muscles, and more of what your clients can use right now

> Content creation, timing, frequency and formatting

> Post good shit and then just let it go: stop triple checking and agonizing over the algorithms

> Hashtags: how useful are they really? (they’re not – content controls over everything)

> Platforms: don’t be a generalist

Module 3: Be a Partner, Not a Dictator

> Talk less, listen more, check your ego

> Learn to ask better questions to truly unlock your clients’ potential

> Be a chameleon, and don’t be so bossy: most people actually don’t want a drill sergeant

> “Tame the Righting Reflex”: resist the urge to be right all the damn time

> Let go of the control: they’re going to do what they want anyway

Module 4: Back Stage Business

> Raise your prices, don’t negotiate, don’t offer discounts

> Make it convenient: get an app and a simple website, or your clients will get someone else eventually

> Offer a service for every budget

> Protect yourself: contracts, business structure, and security basics

> Accounting, financials, bank accounts, and all things money

Module 5: Front Stage Business

> Virtually 100% closing rates, 100% retention (yep, really)

> Walk the walk, do what you say you’ll do, and share your journey: never stop evolving

> Find your lane and stick to it: not everyone will like your style and that’s okay

> Give something back: community service, internships, giveaways, and more

> Always keep the door open

Module 6: TBD

> Overflow, Q+A, potentially a live panel with real clients

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