Staying on Track with Food during COVID

May 8, 2020
By Tia Norris, June 2020 Issue of Echo Magazine in Phoenix, AZ. The times are definitely a-changin’… and we may be in this COVID-19 boat for a while still to come. There are projections that we could have waves of social distancing for over another year. Let that sink in for a moment. Some people have

Foolproof: Debunking Fitness Myths 3.0

March 8, 2020
By Tia Norris, April 2020 Issue.  In honor of April Fool’s Day approaching, let’s talk about a few more diet and fitness myths that I commonly hear from new (and experienced) clients. The truth is, most people — and even scarier, many trainers and so-called professionals — simply don’t know what they’re talking about when they

Small Changes for Big Results with Fitness

December 2, 2019
By Tia Norris, December 2019 Issue of Echo Magazine in Phoenix, AZ. Have you been exercising for several months or years, but haven’t seen the results you feel you deserve? Do you feel like you put in your time in the gym (or in the pool, on the pavement, or in your sport otherwise), but your

Diet and Fitness Reality Checks

July 1, 2019
Here are some of the most shocking, most uncomfortable, but most important reality checks that my clients (and maybe you) need to hear in order to get realistic about this journey toward fitness:

Which Diet Works Best?

June 20, 2019
The ideal diet plan for you depends on who you are, what you're doing, what your goals are, and what you're willing to do to achieve those goals.

Secrets to Making Fitness Changes That Actually Last

June 1, 2019
While I can’t disagree that making a commitment to diet and exercise is demanding, I can promise you that the juice is in fact worth the squeeze. All of my clients have highs and lows through their fitness endeavors, and here are some of my tips on how to approach the inevitably uncomfortable journey ahead.

Food Labels: Decoded

March 1, 2019
Let’s not mince words: reading food labels is freaking confusing. There are three parts to this process that we care about: the front of the package, including any “claims” by the manufacturer; the nutrition facts panel on the back; and the list of ingredients underneath that.

How Healthy is Your Relationship With Diet and Exercise?

February 1, 2019
Everyone falls prey to one of the following imbalances at some point. It’s worth noting that there may be a psychological well of deep-seated motivations underneath each of these imbalances, that will require more than just figuratively flipping a switch to effect change. Keep that in mind. Read on to learn more about your blind

Navigating Dietary Supplements

October 1, 2018
Do supplements actually work? Which ones are most effective? And if they work, at what cost?

Fitness Hacks 201

July 1, 2018
Here are my three most valuable summer bod hacks that will help you really make a splash, own those pool selfies or at least be comfortable in your own skin this season.