Work Hard, Play Harder on Travel Weekends

April 1, 2019
There are three key areas to maintaining as much “health” as possible in the face of a holiday weekend: exercise, diet, and lifestyle. Let’s explore the potential pitfalls in each category, with my top-secret trainer tips on how to set yourself up to succeed and also enjoy the ride.

Four At-Home Workouts with NO Equipment

August 1, 2017
Here are four different types of traveling workouts designed to fit a wide variety of body types, intensity levels and fitness goals.

Traveling and Staying On Your Fitness Program, 1.0

May 12, 2016
If you care at all about your body, your fitness or maintaining the hard work you’ve put in, you need to balance some work with some play on your trip. And I’m not saying that your workouts need to be particularly grueling or time consuming, because the truth is that you can successfully maintain with