4 weeks to sharper nutrition, better condition, and lean muscle definition >>

Want more muscle definition?

Want to feel more in control of your nutrition?

Want to feel like your workouts and nutrition are showing up on your body?

Want to feel more energy throughout your day, more confidence in your physique, and more consistency in your fitness routine?

DEFINITION is my all-new program designed to do exactly all those things, and more…

What’s included in the program?

  • 5x lifting workouts per week (with an at-home version each day – NO gym required)
  • 3x optional bonus HIIT workouts per week
  • Daily microworkouts that take a few minutes, but yield big results
  • Arms, abs, and glutes focus each workout
  • Individual calorie/macro setting in the first week – get your own personally tailored nutrition targets based on your goals
  • Supplement guidance to maximize lean gains
  • Cardio prescriptions to torch stubborn body fat and reveal your hard-earned definition
  • Higher reps, technique focus, top-secret tips to get you lean and toned fast
  • Technique assessment with remote video
  • Peer accountability/fun/support in our private Facebook group

The price is just $111 for all of this! What a DEAL. I’ll show you my tricks of the trade to get you lean, muscular, and in control of your nutrition and physique in just 4 weeks. After almost 15 years in the industry, this is my specialty; I’m an expert in creating structure, accountability, and the most direct route to the results you want. Join us and prove to yourself just how much you can do in 4 weeks!

Ready to sign up? Email me at with any questions or to reserve your spot, and take your physique to the next level TODAY. See you in the program!