Eat More, Lift More, Lose More

Program begins Monday, March 6th


Of course, you need to be in a caloric deficit to lose weight. 

We all know that. 

But what happens when you’ve been in a deficit, working hard, basically starving, doing everything you know how to do, but the scale *still* just won’t budge? 

I've worked with hundreds of weight loss clients over the years, most of whom are trying to lose by eating less and cardio'ing more.

But often, the solution is actually to eat more and lift more, to then be able to lose more body fat.

If you're tired of the "on again"/"off again" cycle with your fitness...

If you're exhausted with legitimately trying different programs but still not seeing the results you want...

If you're ready to learn how to finally make real changes to your fitness that will actually last, that don't feel miserable along the way...

This is the program for you.

This is the most transformative group program I've ever offered. Read on if you're ready to overhaul your fitness, health, and physique for GOOD.

This will be a deep dive into the most powerful pieces of your fitness program: your calories and your muscles.

You'll also get a boatload of accountability and all the detailed guidance you need from an industry expert, over the course of the 12 weeks. 

There’s a reason I’ve been in business for 15 years, and why my clients keep coming back year after year to work on exactly this type of program: because my system just.plain.WORKS.

The key to a bangin’ bod in the long term is more muscle, and more calories. Cardio doesn’t build muscle. And eating less certainly doesn’t keep that muscle burning. 

Join my program and I’ll show you my exact formula on how to:

break the chains of yo-yo dieting forever, 

sculpt a lean, muscular, toned physique, 

enjoy more dietary freedom than ever before,

have the best workouts of your life,


This is your lifestyle program.
This is the one that will actually change how you see and do fitness, forever.

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No gym required. complete the program either at the gym or at home with basic equipment.

1: full gym workouts

Each day will have a full gym version, which will utilize a combination of barbells, dumbbells, cables, and other gym equipment.


Each day will also have at home version of the same workout. To do the workouts at home, you will need at least a basic dumbbell rack (heavier is better), a bench or stability ball, and resistance bands of some sort.

3: first-class training app

Each workout will be delivered through my top-notch training app, complete with a myriad of training tools to help you through the process. Not only are there 300+ of my own personal technique demonstration videos there, but also 10+ hours of other exclusive content on nutrition, lifting technique, mindset coaching, and more. And even better? All of your lifting records, inches, and progress pictures can be stored there as well. SCORE! The process is seamless to get training with Tia.

COUNT ME IN! what's included?

For 3 months -
at less than the price of 1 month of my personal training -
you'll get: 

total value = $2000+


ONLY $1111


HAVE A QUESTION? Get it answered here.

Nope! Every single workout will have both a full gym version, and a similar analog at-home version.

Yes! This program is generally designed for both men and women. 

You’ll need at least a dumbbell set (heavier is better!), a bench or stability ball, and a set of resistance bands. Ideally you’d have a doorway pull-up bar, too.

The lifting will mostly be split into a muscle group per day, in sets of 5-8. So, one day Chest, then Legs, then Back, etc. We will be focusing on heavy weights with great form in a low rep range, to build strength and muscle as our metabolic engines. 

The workouts should take about 45-60min, once you’re familiar with the lifts and techniques. Of course, as you’re getting to know the program, it may take you slightly longer while you’re getting used to it.

You will be provided with the option to choose a set meal plan, or to simply follow Tia’s macro’s/calories with your own meals. You’ll get biweekly food log assessments which will make suggestions to your timing, calories, supplements, macronutrients, and quality. You’ll have all the tools you need to set your diet in the right place to allow for the changes you desire. 

Most likely, yes! About 50% of the people that Tia works with will start losing right away. However, as each person brings a unique history, biochemistry, and metabolism to the table… you will talk thoroughly with Tia on what to expect for yourself and when. Essentially, the longer you’ve been in a caloric deficit, the longer it may take to reverse out of it and to start seeing weight loss. Tia will make sure you have the plan to get there in time!

The program starts Monday 3/6, and you’ll have everything you need by Sunday 3/5 at the latest.

Once you complete payment, you’ll get several emails within 72hr, including:
-Access/instructions/credentials to the training app
-A link to join the private Facebook group
-A file download for all the program documents

Given the highly individual nature of this program, Tia will be recommending unique prescriptions for each individual based on metabolic/training history. Most participants will likely need to shoot for 2hr/week though as a baseline. 

Again as this will be a highly individualized program, Tia will first need to assess where your calories are starting from. Each person will have a different trajectory for their calories based on their profiles/histories. We’ll tackle this in the first week. In the meantime, reference your “BMR” and “TDEE” (Base metabolic rate, and total daily energy expenditure) to start to understand basic calorie guideposts as we make your own unique calorie hypothesis. Don’t worry, Tia will guide you through this entire process with the utmost detail. 

prepare to do the work.
you're going to love what you see and feel in 12 weeks.

Space is highly limited to just 5 participants.

Email to reserve your spot: >>