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A low-key, fun 4 week strength program with a meal plan


You don’t need to be ShReDdEd. You don’t want to starve yourself. You don’t want to live in the gym or die on the treadmill. You just want to look a little better, feel a little better, and move a little better – all while still having a life. 

You want to be Fit-ish. Start 2023 the right way, the sustainable way, and have some fun along the way, too.


We’re all busy as hell.

We’re all a little burned out from COVID, the market, the politics, and all the bullsh*t drama.


Maybe you’ve got kids, maybe you’re working two jobs, maybe you’ve done extreme fitness programs over and over… or maybe you’re just tired by the end of the day.


We all know something is better than nothing. And some results are better than no results. And sometimes? We just don’t have the bandwidth to commit to some eXtReMe transformation program. Sometimes, we’re just trying to maintain base strength, lock in some accountability to get moving, and not eat like an a$$ hat all day every day. 

This 4-week strength program is going to be moderately intense at best. It’s going to be doable but also effective. It’s going to be engaging, fresh every single workout, and maybe even enjoyable too?


We all know we should be at least moving each day.

And we all know we should be lifting, and probably lifting heavy, a few times per week.


Most importantly, we all know we should be eating healthier and minding calories, quality, and taking our damn vitamins.


The power of accountability is what’s missing for most people.

THE PROBLEM: not everyone is a personal trainer.

Not everyone is a professional athlete with crushing and impressive levels of red-hot never-ending motivation. It’s true! I myself have coaches, advisors, and mentors in several areas of my life where I also lack follow-through. Honestly, one of the #1 things people pay me for is accountability.


Sign onto my program and I’ll do all the thinking for you. I’ll hold you accountable to a basic fitness program, and I can promise you’ll like how you feel, look, and move each day once we’re through.


I’ve seen a shift in my clients and the fitness market over the past year or so.

People are burned out from the yo-yo, on-again-off-again, all-out fitness programs.

People don’t have the energy or time to devote to 10-15+ hours per week in the gym.

I get it. It feels like sh*t to eat 1200cal per day for 30 days on end, and then wonder how to re-integrate into the real world of diet temptations after that.

I get it. It feels like sh*t to eat 1200cal per day for 30 days on end, and then wonder how to re-integrate into the real world of diet temptations after that.

It feels like sh*t to slave away for hours on the treadmill, scrounging up every ounce of energy just to try to drop a pound for the week.


THE PROBLEM with most programs, especially some of the predatory New Year’s programs: they’re too aggressive and ultimately not sustainable.


Fit-ish is your sustainable solution to finally making fitness a lifestyle. Fit-ish is your plan to look, feel, and move a little better… with only a moderate investment of effort.


I know the training formula to keep people coming back for workout after workout, meal after meal.

The secrets are:

  1. Fresh lifting workouts, every single session
  2. New challenges, rep schemes, and variety to keep it interesting
  3. Points that don’t mean anything – choose to compete against yourself or with the group… or don’t compete at all because it doesn’t even matter!
  4. Complete guidance on cardio workouts – what, when, how much, intervals, and more
  5. A diet plan that gives clear instructions but leaves room for flexibility and fun and pizza and a drink here or there
  6. Most importantly, people like to see that their hard work is paying off – if you follow my plan, I know you’ll like what you see and feel at the end of the program… more muscle, less body fat, more energy, more confidence. YES!

The truth is, no one can sustain extremely demanding programs year round, month after month.

This program is perfect to keep you progressing, while not taking all of your free time and energy.

Trainer Tia here

When I first started personal training in 2010, I was way more intense.

I yelled a lot.


My clients basically died every session.


And I loved my reputation as the “hard trainer”.


Over the last 12+ years though, I’ve softened up a lot.


It’s not because I still can’t write the meanest workouts in the land or I don’t have that masochistic streak that loves a good hard session (I do).


It’s because I’ve come to understand my clients better.


Most of my longest-standing clients aren’t the ones who go balls to the walls all the time, over and over.

They’re the ones who have learned to make it a lifestyle, they don’t overreach and burnout, they enjoy having a system of accountability in place, and they have a lot more autonomy over their program than what my non-clients would ever believe I’d give away.

This is the basis of why I designed Fit-ish.

Because the most successful people in fitness, the healthiest people you know, they’re the ones who have a sustainable routine with flexibility and frankly with a program that isn’t InSaNe. Instead, their routines hammer the basics with excellent consistency.


That’s exactly what we’re doing in this new program.

This program is for all skill levels, at-home or in the gym, in shape or out of shape… everyone is welcome and all workouts will have options to be scaled to suit all participants.


It’s important to
know your priorities
in life.

And yes – even as a trainer – I understand that sometimes, fitness isn’t your #1 priority… it’s not your top priority, but it’s not not a priority, either.


When you’ve got goals in other areas of your life, it’s hard to want to carve out all the time and energy required for draconian epic fitness programs.


It’s hard to want to dig and suffer for a program when your heart isn’t in it.

And I’m here to say it’s okay if sometimes you just want to get in, get out, get some results, eat some healthier food, and then get on with your life, too.


I designed this program exactly for that purpose. It’s hard enough to get some results.


But it’s not overwhelming, crushing, or impossible. You may not be a fitness model at the end of it… but you will be Fit-ish.

No gym required. complete the program either at the gym or at home with basic equipment.

1: full gym workouts

Each day will have a full gym version, which will utilize a combination of barbells, dumbbells, cables, and other gym equipment.


Each day will also have at home version of the same workout. To do the workouts at home, you will need at least a basic dumbbell rack (heavier is better), a bench or stability ball, and resistance bands of some sort.

3: first-class training app

Each workout will be delivered through my top-notch training app, complete with a myriad of training tools to help you through the process. Not only are there 300+ of my own personal technique demonstration videos there, but also 10+ hours of other exclusive content on nutrition, lifting technique, mindset coaching, and more. And even better? All of your lifting records, inches, and progress pictures can be stored there as well. SCORE! The process is seamless to get training with Tia.

Here’s our master plan:

Getting Fit-ish never looked so damn good

heavy sh*t

My favorite word as a trainer is “heavier”. Once you start to pick up the technique, I’ll be pushing you to grab heavier weights every single week. Heavier weights have a myriad of benefits on bone health, metabolism, cardiovascular fitness, and of course looking better naked. It ain’t called “strength training” for nothing – let’s get strong!

Do some
cardio too

We aren’t basic b*tches up in here – we’re going to be well-rounded with weekly cardio challenges, as well. Cardio is good for the heart, brain, skin, and soul?? Don’t worry about any of the boring stuff though, I’ll keep it fresh with new cardio tasks, workouts, and incentives every single week. You won’t even notice you’re breaking a sweat.

A meal plan that
doesn’t suck

We’ll set the calories at a reasonable level (2000cal to be exact), and I’ll tell you exactly what to do with grocery lists, recipes, macro’s, supplements, and more. My nutrition program has never been so flexible, comprehensive, and f’ing tasty too! We won’t slash calories or carbs; you’ll see real food like dairy and grains in the mix; and it actually will taste like real food for once. Score!

What to expect at the end of the program:

Sure, we’ll be building some muscle and getting a little leaner and learning some new recipes. But by the end of our 4 weeks, I know you’ll also get…

🗸 More confidence in the gym on what you’re doing and why

🗸 Sharper technique and therefore faster results for the future

🗸 Momentum to make fitness a priority in 2023

🗸 Pride in yourself for committing to something and following through

🗸 Plenty of time and resources back to yourself, by letting someone else do all the thinking and planning for you

So yes, you’ll lift some weights and eat some salad.


But the increased confidence, saved time, and pride to carry forward? That’s priceless.


It doesn’t have to be crazy.

It doesn’t have to take all damn day. It doesn’t have to taste like cardboard and grass.


Together let’s get Fit-ish

I”M IN. what’s included?

All participants will get:

  • 4x lifting sessions per week, all about 60min each

  • All skill levels welcome

  • No gym required – follow the plan for the gym or from home with a basic setup

  • My exact prescription for microworkouts, knee-over-toe training, and other actual hacks (and I hate that word) to build strength and prevent injuries in minutes per day

  • A meal plan updated each week with actual good recipes, guidance on macro’s and substitutions, and comprehensive grocery list

  • Private Facebook group for community, accountability, and group challenges (you don’t want to miss these)

  • FREE Metabolic Blueprint PDF – follow my 7 simple daily steps to supercharge metabolism and boost recovery

total value = $650


ONLY $97


Let’s do this!


Ready to make some changes and look, feel, and move better?


See you in the program…

Trainer Tia

Get it answered here.

Do I need gym access?

Nope! Every single workout will have both a full gym version, and a similar analog at-home version.

If I’m doing the program at home, what equipment do I need?

You’ll need at least a dumbbell set (heavier is better!), a bench or stability ball, and a set of resistance bands. Ideally you’d have a doorway pull-up bar, too.

What’s the strength workout style? HIIT, circuits, etc.?

The strength sessions will be in muscle-group splits (chest, back, legs, etc.). My lifting style is relatively low rep for the most part, focusing on old-school basic movements (i.e.: 4x sets of 5x pullups). However, you’ll definitely see a good variety in this program with new moves, different rep ranges and schemes, and all kinds of challenges. Buckle up!

How long are the workouts?

The workouts should take less than 60min, once you’re familiar with the lifts and techniques. Of course, as you’re getting to know the program, it may take you slightly longer while you’re getting used to it.

Can I expect to lose weight on this program

Maybe. If you follow all of the instructions on lifting, and cardio, and especially food, it’s possible you may see weight loss. Disclaimer: weight loss, however, is a very individual process and we cannot guarantee such results in this group format program.

Is this program for men and women?

Yep! Come one, come all – guys and gals alike can join!

How soon after I purchase the program will I get the materials?

The program starts Monday 1/9/23.

Once you complete payment, you’ll get several emails within 24hr, including:
-Access/instructions/credentials to the training app
-A link to join the private Facebook group
-A file download for all the program documents

ONLY $97