Four At-Home Workouts with NO Equipment

By Tia Norris, August 2017 Issue of Echo Magazine in Phoenix, AZ.

For many of us in the Valley of the Sun, summer means getting as far away from this heat as possible! As a result, many of my clients plan their vacations during the summer months, and they try (but fail) to legitimize skipping workouts with the excuse that they won’t have access to a gym.

Newsflash: You do not need a gym to get a in killer workout!

Don’t get me wrong, having access to a full gym as part of your regular fitness program will afford you significantly more benefits than not having a gym. However, for your upcoming trips – from a weekend getaway to those lasting weeks at a time – you can get away with no gym if you’ve got the motivation and a bit of open space (zero equipment required).

Here are four different types of traveling workouts designed to fit a wide variety of body types, intensity levels and fitness goals.

Additionally, if you want to see any of these exercises performed with full explanations, check out up FitPro, LLC, on YouTube – we have more than 150 demonstration videos.

1. Pushup Purgatory

This pushup workout is simple, but deadly. Select 10 pushup variations to start. If you need ideas, here is a list of my go-to techniques: regular, decline, incline, diamond, triceps, Spiderman, clapping, hand tap, side tap pike, and alligator. (Again, you can find demos for all of these on our YouTube channel.)

Once you’ve got your 10 variations, start your timer. Perform 10 reps of the first variation. This should take you approximately 10-20 seconds on your first round; you will then rest until the top of the next minute, and start on 10 more reps of the second variation at that point. Continue in this fashion, starting your next set of 10 at the top of every minute, until you complete all 10. This is BRUTAL! You can rest for up to five minutes, and then repeat the entire cycle once or twice more.

Bonus round: If this is too easy, try 15 reps of each pushup. Good luck!

2. 300, 200, 100

Begin the workout by running a mile for time. If you have no way of tracking distance, run for five minutes, stop, turn around and then run the five minutes back.

When you return, perform the following:

• 300 step-ups with weight on your back. Step up onto a bench, a chair or other platform at around knee height. Add weight in the form of a backpack or handheld objects.

• 200 RDLs (Romanian Deadlifts). Hold two objects like water jugs or bags filled with equally weighted items, one in each hand, and perform 100 walking lunges. Finish with running the same mile you did in the beginning.

Bonus round: double the running miles or double the main set!


This stands for “every minute on the minute.” For the groups of exercises below, you’ll set your timer, perform all tasks in the group and then rest until the top of the next minute. Keeping in mind that the faster you complete a round, the more rest you’ll have. Repeat this five times for each group and hold weights for anything you can – the goal is to make it difficult!

Perform a 60 second wall sit at the start and finish of each group. That’s four total wall sits per round.

Group 1: Squats (x5); Jumping lunges (x8); 1 legged/pistol squats (x2 each leg)

Group 2: King squats (x3 each leg); step ups (x3 each leg); jump squats (x5)

Bonus round: Make each wall sit 90 seconds or two minutes; and/or perform each group seven times.


Take each of the following exercises, and complete eight (yes, eight) cycles of 20 seconds MAXIMAL effort, followed by 10 seconds rest also known as 8×20/10. Maximal does not mean “kind of trying” or “putting forth some effort,” it means devoting every fiber of your mental and physical being to the task at such a degree that your body might spontaneously combust. After each four-minute cycle, rest for two minutes and then repeat the format with the next exercise. Enjoy!

• Pushups
• Burpees
• Bench clears
• Jump squats
• Step-ups

Bonus round: Repeat all exercises TWICE and then add your own!

There are no excuses, people! These workouts should take no more than about 30 minutes to complete! Don’t forget, the best part of burning all these calories while traveling is that it gives your more clearance to indulge in the food and beverages while pampering yourself on vacation. Now it’s up to you now to make it happen!

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