Eva Jannotta, Founder of Simply Put Strategies

I came to Tia having barely set foot in a gym in my life, and eight months later I feel completely confident in my body and physical fitness (for the first time in my life). My stamina and what I can lift has improved fivefold, and I am so much more knowledgable about what my body and mind need and how to take care of myself. Tia continues to impress me with how much she knows about fitness (from anatomy to musculature to nutrition), and how dedicated she is to her clients. She is a joy to work with — warm, empathetic, and just the right amount goofy. She also has a knack for wearing impressively color-coordinated outfits. (Watch. It’s remarkable.) Tia is body positive and has been open to working with my various quirks and crankiness. I am SO PROUD of what I’ve accomplished with Tia and so grateful that I work with her.