Pick One Goal At a Time

Everything worth having requires sacrifice. And, although the grass always appears greener on the other side, there is no such thing as an easy, effortless, pain-free achievement. ‼️Be prepared to make TRADE-OFFS in pursuit of what you want. ⚠️⚠️You have to choose: working for something is hard, with committing time and resources… and staying the same is also hard, being full of regret and frustration. Any direction you go, even if it’s no direction, will be hard — so why not sharpen up and make some progress instead of sitting idly, or being inefficient with your approach? 💪🏻With fitness specifically, you *cannot* have it all, at least all at the same time! Trust me, as a bodybuilder and an Ironman triathlete, I’ve been on opposite sides of the map while enjoying one identity, but lamenting the huge loss of the other. Here are some popular fitness dilemmas, requiring you to choose ONE over the other:
▶️Physique, or performance?
▶️Strength, or muscle? 
▶️Endurance, or strength?
▶️Dietary freedom, or having “the look”? 
▶️Having fun, or putting in the work/delayed gratification?
▶️Relaxing and making no progress, or spending time and making progress? 
>>> One goal must control the rest at all times. Your body can only progress in one direction at a time! 
These difficult trade-offs are present in all goals — financial, personal, professional, etc. You must pay the price to achieve what you want… because there IS a loss and a cost along the way, but once you acknowledge this loss and accept the reality of choice, you can move FORWARD. Remember, you can have it all over time, but not all at the SAME time. Pick ONE direction and let the rest go… it’s temporary! ▶️▶️

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