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Run/Strength Choice Program


I love running just like I love strength training. Personally, I notice several benefits to maintaining smart strength training while on a run-heavy program: better posture, better mind-muscle connection, injury prevention, better symmetry, and absolutely better top-end power when it’s time to kick things up on a hill or at the end of the race. In this program, you’ll be lifting 3-4x/wk (two upper body, one lower body, and a bonus cleanup/core day), focusing largely on posterior postural muscles like rhomboids, rear deltoids, glutes, lats, and hamstrings. The programming contained here is meant to be in addition to your separate running program – you’ll receive strength guidance only.


“Simple” is the name of the game. It’s easy, affordable, and effective: what more could you want? Follow these steps to get your own Choice program:
-Choose your program below
-Choose your add-ons, if any
-Complete your payment in the FitPro Store
-You’ll have your email invitation to sign up for my FitPro App in less than 3 business days, sometimes the same day if possible
… that’s it! Online programming has never been so affordable, and so easy to follow

What makes Choice programs so affordable is that they’re already written based on the goal. They’re my tried-and-true general formula for pursuing any given goal, made to work for all

All of my online training is delivered in my custom, cutting-edge FitPro app… complete with comprehensive program details, powerful tracking tools, MyFitnessPal integrations, and full, streamlined access to my YouTube library of over 250+ video demonstrations. Your remote training experience has never been more streamlined or more effective

-Each program, by itself, is $30 for 30 days
-Add a one-time 60minute phone or video consultation with Tia personally, for $75. This could include initial program setup, specific questions, video conferencing to verify technique, or other related topics
-Add a completely custom nutrition program for $150 for 30 days. Must also purchase the above one-time consultation for $50
-Add a Choice nutrition plan, including a comprehensive meal plan, calories, macronutrients, and corresponding grocery list for $40 for 30 days – this is a classic “meal plan” setup — I’ll do all the thinking and calculating for you

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