Recipe: Morning Smoothie

☀️🍓🍌🥬In this summer heat, my system has been doing much better with cleaner, lighter breakfasts. What better than a classic strawberry or raspberry banana protein smoothie? These are delicious and filling, but don’t weigh me down if I have to run out the door to work or errands. Best part? These smoothies take about 5min to prepare and clean up, start to finish! YES PLEASE ⏱>>


INGREDIENTS (makes two servings):-2x bananas-2x cups (16oz) almond milk-2T almond butter-1c raspberries OR strawberries-1c spinach-1c ice-2 scoops protein powder of choice


Blend it all together, and you’re set! Nothing beats the easy prep and the cool, refreshing taste of this classic combination. Let me know if you make it – enjoy! And be sure to check all my recipes under > #fitprorecipes

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