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Want to lift like a badass?

Want unshakeable confidence in the gym that you not only know what you’re doing, but that you’re strong as hell AND getting undeniable results?

Want sculpted, tight arms and chiseled abs that you’re proud to show off?

Look no further: my all-new 200% program will get you stronger, leaner, and meaner than ever before – all for less than $3/workout! We’re not slashing calories, and we’re not slaving away on endless cardio; we’re lifting heavy-ass weights with great technique and pushing our performance to the next level with superior programming designed by a strength expert.

This program is JAMMED with value, like none of my programs before! Your entry fee includes:

  • 8x weeks of expertly designed workouts (ALL SKILL LEVELS – beginners welcome!), including load/de-load instructions
  • 5x gym-based workouts per week (can do at home with dumbbells + bands)
  • All workouts will have MINIMAL REST – we are packing in as much heavy lifting into each session as possible by working exclusively in supersets
  • Daily core+arm blasts to sculpt everyone’s favorite beach muscles
  • NEW: snag your free copy of my Daily Fitness Bible – my top secret, never-before-seen, must-do’s for optimizing your daily performance and energy
  • Full nutrition setup: calories, macros, supplements, and more invaluable diet advice
  • LIVE nutrition Q+A in first week to solidify diet plan
  • Recompose your physique with expert calorie strategies: enough calories to fuel kickass workouts, but enough of a deficit to lean out along the way
  • Technique coaching via remote video – this alone is worth thousands $
  • Nationwide participation
  • Each exercise in the app has a video explanation and demonstration by Tia
  • Keep these workouts forever! Work at your own pace. Use some now, or some later
  • Private Facebook group for accountability and support

For just $111, the value here is INSANE. The components alone are worth the fee, let alone the workouts themselves and the continuous support from Trainer Tia throughout the 8 weeks. Sign up and elevate your fitness game to the next level TODAY.

>> Sign up before Monday, 3/14 at 12pm AZ time and score access to an additional LIVE Q+A session with Trainer Tia – ask your individual questions on diet, lifting, technique, and any other burning fitness questions in an exclusive 1:1 format!

Email me at tkn@fitprollc.com and say “I’m ready to go 200%!” to snag your spot — entry closes Friday 3/19/22. See you in the program!