30 Day Challenge

The 30 Day Challenge

The most challenging, most effective, and most fun 30 day diet and fitness plan on the market.


SPARK new motivation, healthy habits, and ass-kicking confidence in yo’self with my all-new Summer Spark 30 Day Challenge! This has been my most popular group program in the past 10 years – and for a good reason. The 30DC is wicked fun, guaranteed to be challenging, and will kickstart your summer bod, your physical fitness, and dat look, too. No gym required, so you can access the workouts even if you’re traveling during the challenge period. No excuses, ’cause it’s time to get back into that routine – am I right? I gotchu. It won’t be easy but it will be EFFECTIVE. Sign up today and let’s get to WORK!


Build strength and muscle, lock in professional and group accountability, and simply feel better with my 30 Day Challenge. It’s effective, it’s fun, and super affordable at just $111.

There’s nothing quite like the FitPro 30 Day Challenge, ANYWHERE else! If you follow my 30 Day Challenge, you will see results, regardless of your initial fitness level. My quality of programming is simply unparalleled. Here’s what’s included with entry:

  • 30 days of expertly designed workouts – scaled each day from beginner to expert (ALL SKILL LEVELS!!). I am going to be extra particular to make these workouts accessible to even the most beginner of beginners. Don’t be shy, I’m starting this program at the ground level. And of course, I’ll have options to scale things up if you’re more advanced, too. 
  • 4 weekend challenges
  • No gym required – each workout will have both a full gym version, and an at-home basic equipment version
  • **MEAL PLAN** – I’ve never included a meal plan in a 30DC before, but they’ve been such a smash in my group programs over the last year that I’ve decided to toss it in again. This alone is worth the entry fee! You’ll also get access to all my old meal plans, too. HUGE VALUE.
  • Tons of additional dietary setup – calorie and macro recommendations for each person
  • Technique coaching via remote video – take advantage of my technical expertise, as if I was right there training with you
  • Bulletproof your knees and repair wear+tear with my Knee Over Toe Series
  • Keep these workouts forever and work at your own pace – download to save for later if desired
  • Daily accountability with me, and our private Facebook Group
  • Nationwide competition
  • Temptations, pop challenges, gameplay, and more…
  • Prizes for the winners – to be revealed

The challenge is expertly directed by the President and Head Trainer of FitPro, Tia Norris, who will scale ALL WORKOUTS from total beginner to fitness fanatic. ALL SKILL LEVELS will be challenged to increase strength, build muscle, torch body fat, and dramatically increase athletic performance in this all-encompassing challenge.

You can also purchase the workouts and dietary advice for future use, working through them at your own pace.


  • JUST $111 for all participants, all skill levels – this is a steal!


If interested, please email me (tkn@fitprollc.com) ASAP – or you may use the form linked at the bottom of this page. You will then pay your non-refundable, one-time entry fee by Friday 6/14/24 at 12:00pm, AZ time. I can accept payments via Venmo @tiafitpro; via Apple Pay 602-502-5629; via email invoice/credit card with 3% tax; or via Zelle/electronic payment to tkn@fitprollc.com. Next, you will set up a profile on MyFitnessPal and start tracking your diet. The program starts on Saturday, 6/15/24. It runs for 30 days, through 11:59p on Sunday 7/14/24.


No gym required! Each workout will have a full gym version, and an at-home basic equipment version. Of course, if you have gym access, I recommend that. But we can make either option work.


1. ALL NEW WORKOUTS! I’m always cooking up all kinds of new ways to build muscle, torch body fat, and increase strength all at the same time. You’ll see all the usual FitPro favorites, like: bodybuilding staples, powerlifting killers, low rep/high weight challenges, high rep/moderate rep burnouts, athletic drills like ladders and cones, cardio sh*t, and the kitchen sink that’ll keep you having fun but making gainz in the right places and losses in the other places, if you know what I mean. 

2. SINGLES competition – it’s you against the world!

3. Of course, the Challenge will run through my sleek, effective Training App. The App is complete with comprehensive program details, powerful tracking tools, MyFitnessPal integrations, and full access to my YouTube library of over 300+ video demonstrations. Each exercise will have both my technique video, and the ability for you to upload your own technique videos and other feedback – all on the same screen. It’s a brilliant design, made to streamline your experience to be better than ever!


You will take an initial fitness test to determine your fitness level.  All participants will take an initial fitness test, which will be assigned on Friday, 6/14/24 and must be completed by Sunday, 6/16/24.


The key to the competition is POINTS. Each workout, temptation, weekend challenge, pop challenge, and other fitness tasks will earn you a certain number of points.  You will ALSO earn points for miscellaneous activities, such as top social media check-ins per class, and more.  So, the points will be a combination of ALL THINGS fitness, and will be scored against the other members of your class.

The winning person from each class will all receive a prize from FitPro! The prize is currently in the works and will be revealed mid-challenge.

Contact me here to reserve your spot for the Summer Spark ’24. Buckle up, it’s a bumpy ride but it’s works and it’s worth it… See you in the Challenge!