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Online Personal Trainer in Arizona

Take advantage of FitPro’s Online Personal Training Programs from anywhere in the country. Lock in maximum accountability, to achieve maximum results.

My 1on1 Remote Training includes all the expertise and attention from my Personal Training, with the experience and education from my Nutrition Coaching.

It is one of my most comprehensive programs, focusing on detailed nutrition, precise technique, and intelligent strength progression to deliver the ultimate personal training experience – wherever you are.

Additionally, all of my online training is delivered in my custom, cutting-edge FitPro App… complete with comprehensive program details, powerful tracking tools, MyFitnessPal integrations, and full access to my YouTube library of over 300+ video demonstrations. Your remote training experience has never been more streamlined or more effective.


For $700per month, your Remote Program will include:

  • A completely, uniquely personal, program including detailed exercise programming, full nutrition setup and adjustments, supplement recommendations, and more
  • Weekly exercise prescription, with weekly evolutions based on progress. Includes sets, reps, rest, tempo, sequence, and all the details you need to maximize efficiency and results
  • Weekly nutrition assessment, with weekly adjustments based on progress
  • Monthly phone or video calls, as needed
  • Remote technique coaching via video, utilizing the FitPro App
  • Full access to our YouTube technique library, complete with over 300+ exercise videos and demonstrations. In your app, each exercise will have my YouTube video directly above it for seamless viewing and education

Experienced, educated, and dedicated to your program, no matter the distance.

I’ve worked with a wide range of client types: young and old, experienced and brand new, guys and gals, and on a variety of different goals. I’m skilled at adapting the pace, tasks, and dialogue in the program to suit each client’s individual needs. What I’m looking for in a client: someone who wants to be there, wants to make changes, and is ready to make those changes — because it certainly IS a lot of work. But, I’ll do my part to help you not only reach your goals, but to also enjoy the process along the way, making fitness into your LIFESTYLE — not just a phase.

People typically come to me as a trainer when:

  • They’re brand new to the gym and want to learn things the RIGHT way
  • They’re at a plateau in weight loss, strength gain, performance progress, or otherwise stuck
  • They’re in need of more accountability to hold them to the plan
  • They’re sick of yo-yo dieting, sick of unprofessional or simply undereducated trainers, or sick of trying to figure things out on their own — all in search of finally making fitness a sustainable part of their life that they can enjoy

Here are some goals that I’ve worked with in the past: 

  • Basic weight loss (5# up to over 100#)
  • Advanced weight loss (the last 5-10# are always the most stubborn, but I’ve got a master plan to help!)
  • Powerlifting and building strength
  • Bodybuilding and building muscle
  • Fitness modeling, photoshoots, posing, and physique competition preparations
  • Rehabilitation of injuries
  • Critical form analysis and corrective exercise
  • Marathoners and ultra marathoners looking to build strength
  • Triathletes looking to build strength
  • Youth training, both foundational basics and also sport-specific training (swimming, soccer, motocross, volleyball, vertical jump training, and more)
  • Government/military fitness testing preparation: Air Force, Army, FBI, local law enforcement, and more
  • Kickboxing, boxing, and basic self-defense
  • Nutrition coaching
  • … and more!

I’ve got you fully covered on diet, too.

The world of nutrition can be confusing, and too often, those who are giving advice unfortunately lack the education or experience to do so. 

That’s were FitPro comes in. I have both extensive professional and personal nutrition experience, as well as the education and certifications to back it all up. The FitPro diet approach is comprehensive, and covers thoroughly:

  • Meal timings: “when” should you eat throughout the day? This includes how soon after you wake up, how many hours between meals, how many hours before bed, how soon before and after a workout, topics of intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and more. 
  • Caloric intake: “how much” you eat is, of course, a major influence on overall health, size, and performance. 
  • Macronutrients: the golden ratio of “what” you’re eating, in terms of carbohydrates/proteins/fats, is critically important and can vary widely based on athletes, goals, body types, and past experiences. 
  • Quality: quality MATTERS! Tia will work hard to tailor a customized diet plan that keeps you fueling properly but also balances cheats, treats, and other quality considerations.
  • Supplementation: we’ll work together to build a supplement profile that fits your goals, budgets, overall health concerns, and more. The long story short, is, most supplements are not worth it… but some are very helpful!
  • Micronutrients: fiber, sodium, water, and other micro considerations can play a big role for some clients, and we won’t leave any stone unturned. 
  • Full integration into my FitPro App. We’re paired up with MyFitnessPal to keep all your data locally with your program

Each person’s ideal diet is entirely unique, and can change based on goals, activities, age, sex, composition, and more. 

It’s complicated! And that’s why I’m here to help you put together your unique diet puzzle. Almost every diet is correct — Paleo, Atkins, South Beach, high carb, low carb, high fat, etc. — but I’m going to help you find the one that’s correct for you

Contact me here to get started on your 1on1 Remote Program today!