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Outdoor Exercise and Training: beyond the gym – untold adventures await!

The gym was, of course, my first love in fitness… but, since moving to Arizona in 2009, I have become an avid trail runner and outdoor fitness enthusiast. The scenery, weather, and unbridled bliss that I get from trail running are unparalleled compared to other areas of fitness that I’ve done. For me, the trails are like freedom — they offer a temporary escape from the confines of daily, normal life.

Upcoming Adventure offerings:

We are planning for another Grand Canyon venture on 5/31/24… we will once again have all skill levels. Please stay tuned to our social media for complete updates, or drop us a line here to officially add your name to the waiting list. Fly in from anywhere in the world — get yourself here, and we’ll take care of all the planning. Looking forward to meeting you at the next Adventure!

Past Adventures:

We’ve been doing these Adventures for almost 10 years now. I’ve either done myself, or with my groups, or trained clients for hikes like:

  • Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim
  • Grand Canyon Rim to Rim
  • Grand Canyon Rim to River
  • Cactus to Clouds
  • El Camino de Santiago
  • Half Dome
  • Mount Whitney
  • And many many other day hikes
This promo picture is from our Cactus to Clouds hike in 2023. All of our trips in prior years have been a smashing success, filled with wonder, inspiration, pride, and life-changing experiences. We always have ALL skill levels present in the group — ranging from complete beginner/minimal fitness, all the way up to elite endurance athletes. Work at your own pace in a relaxed, friendly, encouraging atmosphere through the Wonders of the World.

Trainer Tia’s Notable experiences in trail running/hiking:

  • Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim (in a non-stop, single day) 3x
  • Several ultra marathons 50mi+
  • Thousands of hours running trails in Phoenix: learning pacing, nutrition, hydration, gear selection, and mastering the elements
  • All in addition to other endurance ventures, including 4x full Ironman triathlons, World Championships in Ironman 70.3 triathlon, 10x other road marathons, and Boston Qualification in the marathon

What people are saying about our Adventures:

  • “After this accomplishment, I feel so motivated to keep it going. I don’t see what excuse I have anymore. I’m so proud of myself, I can’t wait for the next one!” – LA
  • “It seemed impossible… but, I DID IT! I feel AMAZING!” -CA
  • “THANK YOU, Tia, for being such a great leader. Direct, full of info, but with a side of humor that works so well.” -KM
  • “Grand Canyon… MAGIC.” -KG
  • “By far, the most epic feat I’ve ever accomplished. Words and pictures simply can’t describe how empowering it was to complete this. I feel so lucky and grateful to have undertaken this adventure with a great group of new and old friends, and I’m forever grateful to Tia for not just organizing this trip, but for helping me reach that place of self-belief that I never knew I had.” -TG
  • “This was a profound and exhilarating experience that I cannot wait to do again! Tia’s training outlines, check-ins, knowledge, and encouragement completely set me up for an incredible day. The magic of the Canyon lies not just in the immense beauty and grandeur of the landscape, but in how the experience shapes and stretches the fibers of your inner self. From the euphoric highs to finding new depths of resolve, you emerge on the other side transformed and deeply moved.” -RD
  • “The Grand Canyon was an unforgettable experience. This wasn’t just an adventure in pushing and developing your physical limits, but finding what type of fight you really have underneath it all. I would have never known how to adequately prepare for it without Tia’s guidance. Thank you for making it possible!” -BR
  • “It was one of the proudest and most surreal moments of my life.” -KS
  • “Hiking the Grand Canyon was my favorite experience of 2020 by far, and I could not have done it without Tia’s motivation and training. This is not something I would have done on my own and the group training sessions really helped keep my training on track. I didn’t have a ton of experience hiking before doing this, and I have vastly improved my fitness and abilities from where I was a few months ago. I will definitely be there again in 2022!” -TH
  • “I was so happy I had you to coach me for the El Camino in Spain. While the route was often hilly and strenuous and some days were long, I never felt it was anything other than doable – I kept up a good pace with everyone else and while my legs were tired at the end of the day, they were never exhausted. I had no issues with my feet, ankles, knees, shins splints, or back, thanks to your coaching! Not even a single blister! So, many, many thanks for everything you did. The trip wouldn’t have gone so well if I wasn’t so prepared. The cathedral of Santiago, BTW, is amazing!” -LH

Top questions people ask about our Adventures:

What is Adventure Training?

FitPro’s Adventure Training includes everything you need to tackle your big hiking and trail running goals. When you sign up with me, you’ll get complete guidance on nutrition, hydration, electrolytes, gear selection, and of course how to build/peak/taper your training. You’ll get hike-specific guides on the trail conditions, maps, elevation profiles, water refills, and all the other information you need to succeed and thrive on your big day. If you follow my program, you’ll be prepared, trained, and ready to have an incredible day on the trails when it counts!

What is outdoor fitness training?

Whether you’re hiking, running, racing, mountain biking, backpacking, mountaineering, or anything in between – I’ve got you covered! I’ve worked with all kinds of athletes and goals, all skill levels, all ages, all difficulties of events. Strength, nutrition, recovery, and preparation are all key to your success in your next outdoor fitness venture and I’m here to help you dial in all those details to make the trip even more memorable.

Does FitPro cover any travel costs?

All travel costs including flights, car rental, lodging, park fees, etc. will be covered by you. FitPro will, for your entry fee, provide all you need for training and preparation. I’ll help you get ready to get there, as long as you can get there yourself! Reach out to me here to find out about our next Adventures and to save your spot.

See you out on the trails!