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Personal Training in Phoenix

Team up with the best Personal Trainer in Arizona for unparalleled passion, presence, and professionalism while pursuing YOUR fitness goals.

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Hi! My name is Tia Norris and I’m the President and Head Trainer here at FitPro LLC.

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Personal Training is my heart and soul; I live for it! I can promise you that you won’t find anyone who can offer the quality of training that I can. With my education, certifications, background in psychology, extensive experience as an athlete myself, all combined with over a decade of experience here in the trenches with thousands of clients… look no further for your new Personal Trainer.


  • Anyone who is brand new to the gym and want to learn things the RIGHT way
  • Someone who is at a plateau in weight loss, strength gain, performance progress, or otherwise stuck
  • People who need more accountability to hold them to the plan
  • Anyone who is sick of yo-yo dieting, sick of unprofessional or simply undereducated trainers, or sick of trying to figure things out on their own — all in search of finally making fitness a sustainable part of their life that they can enjoy
  • Someone who is on the brink of major life changes and are looking to empower themselves with a routine, discipline, and self-care


Here are some goals I’ve worked with in the past:

  • Basic weight loss (5# up to over 100#)
  • Advanced weight loss and elite toning (the last 5-10# are always the most stubborn, but I’ve got a master plan to help!)
  • Powerlifting and building strength
  • Bodybuilding and building muscle
  • Recovery from emotional and disordered eating patterns
  • Fitness modeling, photoshoots, posing, and physique competition preparations
  • Rehabilitation of injuries
  • Critical form analysis and corrective exercise
  • Marathoners and ultra marathoners looking to build strength
  • Triathletes looking to build strength
  • Various athletic pursuits that require strength work as a supplement: martial arts, hiking, mountaineering, motorsports racing, and more
  • Youth training, both foundational basics and also sport-specific training (swimming, soccer, motocross, volleyball, vertical jump training, and more)
  • Government/military fitness testing preparation: Air Force, Army, FBI, local law enforcement, and more
  • Kickboxing, boxing, and basic self-defense
  • Nutrition coaching
  • … and more!

I’ve worked with a wide range of client types: young and old, experienced and brand new, guys and gals, and on a variety of different goals. I’m skilled at adapting the pace, tasks, and dialogue in the session to suit each client’s individual needs. What I’m looking for in a client: someone who wants to be there, wants to make changes, and is ready to make those changes — because it certainly IS a lot of work. But, I’ll do my part to help you not only reach your goals, but to also enjoy the process along the way, making fitness into your LIFESTYLE — not just a phase.


In addition to training my clients in person, online, and in small groups, I am also an active contributor to the local fitness community here in Phoenix, AZ. I regularly work with local Girl Scouts troops to help Daisies and Brownies earn various fitness badges; I offer unpaid internships to students at Arizona State University who are majoring in fitness, business, and related fields; and I also am a guest writer in a number of local publications. I love my city and love to help all kinds of populations find the joy of fitness.


My rates are as low as $100/hour depending which package you purchase. I am available to train in the afternoons and evenings during the week (I am currently unavailable mornings and weekends).

Currently, I train out of my fully-stocked, fully private, backyard at 32nd St. and Camelback. I love this private gym setup: we never have to wait for equipment, never have to wonder who’s watching or judging, and there’s no drama. It’s just us and just good old fashioned work back here.


Is personal training worth it?

YES! Well, when you work with the right one. If you’ve landed on this page, I trust that you’ve been doing your homework… and, you’ve probably seen that personal trainers are a dime a dozen. There are so many of them out there – how can you choose the right one for you? As a trainer since 2010, and as a world-class athlete myself, I can tell you: the right coach makes all the difference. The right coach can simply get you more results, faster. They can do the thinking for you, they know what works, and they know how to avoid what doesn’t work. The right personal trainer will keep you on track through life’s ups and downs. They’ll help you problem-solve real-time issues like staying with it through the holidays, how to make it work while traveling, and how to adjust your program as your goals inevitably change. If you want to get serious about your health, you need a personal trainer.

How much should a physical training session cost?

Remember the Good-Cheap-Fast triangle? You can get a trainer who is cheap, but they likely won’t be good or fast. I’ve set my prices actually just below the top of the market. I’m confident I’m one of the best personal trainers in Phoenix, AND I’m still more affordable than some of the luxury gym price tags you’ll see for mediocre trainers. A good rule of thumb is that you get what you pay for, but you’ll usually see the best trainers outside of the big box gyms. $100/hour is a good bet for a minimum. Look for someone who has mastered their craft (10,000+ hours), someone who walks the walk, lives the lifestyle, and genuinely enjoys helping people find the same empowerment from fitness they’ve found themselves.

Do personal trainers need a license in Arizona?

Actually, they don’t. The unfortunate reality is that anyone can say they’re a “personal trainer”. What’s even more confusing is that many certifications can be obtained in under a weekend with little to no real world training experience. I do actually hold a Certified Personal Trainer title with the American College of Sports Medicine… however, I believe that the better gauge of a trainer’s knowledge is in their experience: both themselves as athletes, and in the hundreds and thousands of hours spent helping real clients work through real issues. The good news for you is that I am certified, and also experienced. Win-win!

What’s involved in the training programs?

There are three parts to any fitness program, to any goal: diet, exercise, and lifestyle.

For my full view on nutrition, click here. But, to summarize my approach: the diet is usually the harder part of the fitness equation for many, and the reality we need to grasp is that it’s a moving target. It can and will change over time and we need to stay on top of details like calories, macronutrients, meal timing, quality of food, and supplements to ensure that you’re moving in the right direction. Don’t worry if all of this sounds overwhelming – that’s exactly why I’m here to help de-mystify the process and make it suit your lifestyle, for the long term.

Exercise is, in my approach, the more transformative piece of our equation. I believe in “exercise heavy, and diet moderate” when it comes to changing your body and fitness. If you’re lifting heavily enough with the right technique and frequency, and you’re getting enough cardio through the week (ideally minimum 2hr), then we can let the diet slide a little bit more. I believe in the “80/20” rule for most of my clients: meaning, you should eat about 80% nutrient dense “good stuff” – and then you can have fun with the other 20%… as long as your exercise intensity, frequency, and metrics are all in place.

Of course, it’s not just diet and exercise that can affect your fitness equation. Sleep, stress, and interacting conditions can all play a major role in how much your diet and exercise efforts “show up” in your program. We’ll be talking plenty about what else is involved when it comes to reaching all of your health goals in the fastest, safest way possible – from a holistic approach. Because it’s true: everything affects everything else. We need to be looking at your system from this interwoven, all-encompassing approach.

What can I expect in personal training with FitPro?

You can expect to dive deeper into details than you ever have with diet, fitness, lifestyle, and everything that affects your fitness equation.

You can expect precision, attention to detail, and someone who knows all the buttons we need to push to get you more results, faster. My follow-through and organization is unparalleled.

You can expect to (bear with me, this sounds kind of hokey, but it’s true) make a friend along the way. I am genuinely interested in getting to know you, getting to know what works for you and what doesn’t, and incorporating all the parts of your life into your health and fitness journey. We’re going to be spending a lot of time together and it is my sincere mission to, yes, push you – but to also, be an unwavering source of support, encouragement, and reassurance for you through whatever comes our way as we’re working toward your goals.

You can expect patience and understanding, AND extreme accountability.

You can expect flexibility to suit your lifestyle, AND uncompromising standards that must be met each day to reach your destination.

You can expect a professional and educated approach, AND sessions that you can actually look forward to as motivating, empowering, and hey maybe even a little fun along the way.

Ready to work together?

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