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Hi! My name is Tia Norris and I’m the President and Head Trainer here at FitPro LLC.

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Personal Training is my heart and soul; I live for it! I can promise you that you won’t find anyone who can offer the quality of training that I can. With my education, certifications, background in psychology, extensive experience as an athlete myself, all combined with over a decade of experience here in the trenches with thousands of clients… look no further for your new Personal Trainer.

People typically come to me as a trainer when:

  • They’re brand new to the gym and want to learn things the RIGHT way
  • They’re at a plateau in weight loss, strength gain, performance progress, or otherwise stuck
  • They’re in need of more accountability to hold them to the plan
  • They’re sick of yo-yo dieting, sick of unprofessional or simply undereducated trainers, or sick of trying to figure things out on their own — all in search of finally making fitness a sustainable part of their life that they can enjoy

Here are some goals that I’ve worked with in the past:

  • Basic weight loss (5# up to over 100#)
  • Advanced weight loss (the last 5-10# are always the most stubborn, but I’ve got a master plan to help!)
  • Powerlifting and building strength
  • Bodybuilding and building muscle
  • Fitness modeling, photoshoots, posing, and physique competition preparations
  • Rehabilitation of injuries
  • Critical form analysis and corrective exercise
  • Marathoners and ultra marathoners looking to build strength
  • Triathletes looking to build strength
  • Youth training, both foundational basics and also sport-specific training (swimming, soccer, motocross, volleyball, vertical jump training, and more)
  • Government/military fitness testing preparation: Air Force, Army, FBI, local law enforcement, and more
  • Kickboxing, boxing, and basic self-defense
  • Nutrition coaching
  • … and more!

I’ve worked with a wide range of client types: young and old, experienced and brand new, guys and gals, and on a variety of different goals. I’m skilled at adapting the pace, tasks, and dialogue in the session to suit each client’s individual needs. What I’m looking for in a client: someone who wants to be there, wants to make changes, and is ready to make those changes — because it certainly IS a lot of work. But, I’ll do my part to help you not only reach your goals, but to also enjoy the process along the way, making fitness into your LIFESTYLE — not just a phase.

In addition to training my clients in person, online, and in small groups, I am also an active contributor to the local fitness community here in Phoenix, AZ. I regularly work with local Girl Scouts troops to help Daisies and Brownies earn various fitness badges; I offer unpaid internships to students at Arizona State University who are majoring in fitness, business, and related fields; and I also write a monthly fitness column called Talking Bodies for Echo Magazine.

My rates are around $95/hour, and I am available to train in the afternoons and evenings during the week (unavailable mornings and weekends). Currently, I train out of my backyard at 32nd St. and Camelback.

Click here for a map, my contact information, and the contact form to start your training evolution. Looking forward to hearing from you!