Team Training

Team Training

Phoenix’s best small group training class

Team Training =

the attention of personal training +

the accountability of bootcamp +

the camaraderie of teamwork +

masterful program design for all skill levels,

all for as low as $25/hour.

Team Training sessions are engaging, effective, and just plain fun.

Each class is usually kept around 4x participants. Occasionally, we’ll allow 5-6x participants if it matches the workout tasks for the day. Participants will be taken through a thorough warmup, followed by some combination of the following four signature elements:

1) KEY LIFTS: work on basic technique of the most important lifts in the gym, such as squats, deadlifts, pushups, pullups, overhead press, and more.

2) SYNC: work individually on a synchronized set of movements.

3) CO-OP: work together on a four person task designed to bring out your best in a cooperative effort!

4) VERSUS: work against each other to score points, to be accumulated and redeemed for FitPro credit!

Team Training provides experienced FitPro clients with a great workout, at an even better price.

$30/hour for a drop-in session

$27/hour for a package of 5x, or $135 total

$25/hour for a package of 10x, or $250 total

Team Training is currently only available to experienced FitPro clients. In order to provide the best service possible, we ask that all participants complete at least a few 1on1 Personal Training sessions first, to learn the ropes before entering the advanced, faster pace of Team Training.

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