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My superior strength program for triathletes is quick and effective, can be done at home with basic equipment, is designed for all skill levels, and will make maximum gains with minimal interference to your triathlon training.

“I never know what to do in the gym. I know I should do strength training, but I wouldn’t even know where to begin.”

❌ “I hate how strength makes me tired, sore, and it ruins my tri workouts the next day. So I always end up skipping it.”

❌ “My strength program takes too much time. My schedule is already jam packed with my triathlon training.”


You’ll perform injury-free while you improve technique on the swim, increase power on the bike, and ignite that extra spark on the run to finish stronger and faster than ever before.


It’s no secret that all the professional triathletes do strength training. And not just in the off-season, but throughout race season, too.

So if all the best triathletes are doing strength, you should, too.

THE PROBLEM: Other strength programs simply get the equation wrong…

the reps are too high, the weight is too light, and the exercises are too fancy and indirect.

These other programs are just keeping you entertained rather than getting you more results, faster. Most triathletes neglect strength training until they’re injured, slowing down, or it’s done haphazardly mid-season. 


Follow my plan and we’ll build a solid off-season strength foundation, and I’ll show you how to build, peak, and taper your lifting into your races as well.


I’ve been a widely respected strength coach since 2010.

I’ve also done countless full and half Ironmans, marathons and ultras.

I have earned my chops in the endurance world.

I know how to maximize strength gains, to maximally benefit your triathlon performance, in a way that minimally interferes with your tri training.


Your best triathlon season starts right now, with this strength program as the foundation.

What strength training can do for you:

  • Eliminate imbalances top to bottom, side to side, and front to back

  • Bulletproof against nagging and future injuries

  • Improve posture, symmetry, mind-muscle connection, and technique

  • Allow for stronger surges, passes, hill climbs, and

  • Strengthen for improved efficiency and better energy reserves in long races

The truth is, your best triathlon performance requires a solid strength program.


Not all triathlon strength programs are the same. Not by a mile.. 😏

Haha, okay that was a bad joke.

But this program certainly won’t be.

Most other programs are designed by triathlon coaches – NOT by strength coaches. They’re imprecise, they’re too fancy, and they may even sell you false promises.

Want to know my secret formula for strength and triathlon?

I’m going to burst the bubble here. Let me be really straightforward:

Strength training itself isn’t going to make you directly faster.

Only swimming will make you directly faster at swimming. Only hours on the bike will make you directly stronger at hours on the bike. And, you guessed it, only running will directly make you better at running.


The truth: strength training is here to support your triathlon. It’s here to patch the holes in your movement foundation. It’s here to supplement, to add to, and to cross-train with your triathlon.


Any “strength” coach that tells you otherwise is lying to you.. and we all know it.


I’m not trying to replace your swim, bike, run training. I’m here to show you how to support it, how to protect against and rehab injuries, and how to fully harness the wealth of cross-training benefits from strength training to elevate your triathlon performance to the next level.


Trainer Tia here.

Master level strength coach.
World class triathlete.

People told me (and continue to tell me) I’m crazy.


They tell me I should pick one or the other. They tell me I should just focus on triathlon, or that I should let tri go and just stick to the weights.


Truth be told, I love the weights and I love triathlon.


And I ain’t giving up either.


I’m here to tell you that you can have both, you can train both, and in fact, you should train both strength and triathlon at the same time if you want to race at the next level.


My all-new program – Stronger, Faster, Longer – is designed for all skill levels, for both a full gym setup and a basic at home setup, and is the product of years of both personal trial and error combined with training hundreds of other triathletes on how to get strong, stay strong, and race at their very best because of it.

Any level of triathlete can do this program.
All levels of triathletes should do this program.


Let’s get another thing straight:

This kind of strength program will feel hard.

And it will definitely feel different, potentially in an uncomfortable way.


It won’t be a sustained high heart rate.

You might not even break a big sweat like you do on the bike trainer (like, sometimes an ungodly amount of sweat, am I right?).

You might not be breathless and you won’t be going for hours at a time and it’s not meant to feel like endurance.


Real strength work is punchy, intense, and relatively short.


But if you can build a solid strength foundation now during the off-season…


Your on-season racing will be better for it.


You’ll move better, feel better, recover better… and therefore, you’ll perform better for investing in strength training now.  

Want more background info? No problem. Go back to Fitpro’s homepage here.

No gym required. complete the program either at the gym or at home with basic equipment.

1: full gym workouts

Each day will have a full gym version, which will utilize a combination of barbells, dumbbells, cables, and other gym equipment.


Each day will also have at home version of the same workout. To do the workouts at home, you will need at least a basic dumbbell rack (heavier is better), a bench or stability ball, and resistance bands of some sort.

3: first-class training app

Each workout will be delivered through my top-notch training app, complete with a myriad of training tools to help you through the process. Not only are there 300+ of my own personal technique demonstration videos there, but also 10+ hours of other exclusive content on nutrition, lifting technique, mindset coaching, and more. And even better? All of your lifting records, inches, and progress pictures can be stored there as well. SCORE! The process is seamless to get training with Tia.

it all starts with having the right plan.

And I’ve got you totally covered.

Lift heavier, for less reps

You cannot build strength with a million reps of 5#. That’s endurance. That’s not strength. Intramuscularly, we need to keep the efforts to about 20sec or less, all out – that’s how we induce strength gains into the muscles. And, lifting heavier for less reps will make you less sore (if at all), and that interferes less with triathlon. Win, win.

Bodyweight and compound lift emphasis

Triathletes are masters of their bodyweight. So, we can use the principle of specificity in the gym to train, well, bodyweight. We’ll emphasize dips, pullups, pistol squats, pullups, planks, and other key bodyweight moves alongside the heavy barbell basics, too.

Glutes, abs, lats focus

Glutes stabilize the hips. Lats stabilize the shoulders. Abs stabilize both. With my G-A-L (glutes-abs-lats) method, we’ll hit the biggest and most functional muscles to have the biggest and most functional benefits on your triathlon performance. We won’t waste time with single joint and isolated movements. Time is precious for us triathletes!

what will you get at the end of the program?

Of course, my main goal for you is to increase strength. But by the end of our 4 weeks, I know you’ll also get…

  • More confidence in the gym on what to do and how it works

  • Improved technique on the most important, essential lifting patterns

  • A new routine you can stick with season after season

  • Momentum to keep it going

Sure, we’re training your muscles and learning a new program…

But that increased confidence, saved time, and knowledge to carry forward? That’s priceless.


I”M IN. what’s included?

All participants will get:

  • 4x lifting sessions per week, all about 30min each

  • All skill levels welcome

  • No gym required – follow the plan for the gym or from home with a basic setup

  • My exact prescription for microworkouts, knee-over-toe training, and other actual hacks (and I hate that word) to build strength and prevent injuries in minutes per day

  • Specific advice on how to structure your week’s workouts – when to do which lifts around your triathlon sessions, both now and in-season

  • Private Facebook group for community and accountability

  • FREE Metabolic Blueprint PDF – follow my 7 simple daily steps to supercharge metabolism and boost recovery

total value = $650


ONLY $97


Get it answered here.

Do I need gym access?

Nope! Every single workout will have both a full gym version, and a similar analog at-home version.

Is this program for men and women?

Yes! This program is generally designed for both men and women. Of course, every person on the planet will benefit even more from a 1on1 personal program to account for individual differences; however, the protocol here is widely applicable and will benefit all triathletes. 

Is this program for runners only, swimmers only, or cyclists only – so can I do it if I’m not a triathlete?

I believe this program will benefit all endurance athletes, yes. The structure of the workouts — the supersets, the total body split, the exercise selection — would be relevant for runners, cyclists, swimmers, AND triathletes alike. While there certainly are more specific programs for runners/cyclists/swimmers, this one is widely applicable enough that it can apply to all endurance athletes.

If I’m doing the program at home, what equipment do I need?

You’ll need at least a dumbbell set (heavier is better!), a bench or stability ball, and a set of resistance bands. Ideally you’d have a doorway pull-up bar, too.

What’s the strength workout style? HIIT, circuits, etc.?

The lifts will be split as total body workouts – so every muscle group, every session. This is to spread out the fatigue and avoid over-fatiguing any one certain muscle group per session. The sessions will also be in superset formats – meaning, two exercises back-to-back with little to no rest between. Supersets are a brilliant way to keep you moving and get you out of the gym faster, while still achieving the necessary rest between sets. As you complete one exercise, you’ll be resting those muscle groups while working the next exercise, and vise versa. The reps will be around 5x per set, give or take for some variation.

How long are the workouts?

The workouts should take about 30min, once you’re familiar with the lifts and techniques. Of course, as you’re getting to know the program, it may take you slightly longer while you’re getting used to it.

Will there be any nutrition guidance?

Tia will provide initial nutrition guidance in the Initiation document. However, there will not be a meal plan or specific calorie recommendations or anything similar, as that is not the focus of this program. We recommend working with your triathlon coach or with Tia on a 1:1 program to develop your individual nutrition plan.

Can I expect to lose weight on this program?

This is not a weight loss program, and we cannot guarantee such results. This program is meant to build strength solely. To pursue weight loss would require a different approach that is outside the scope of this program.

How soon after I purchase the program will I get the materials?

The program starts Monday 11/26, and you’ll have everything you need by Sunday 11/25 at the latest.

Once you complete payment, you’ll get several emails within 24hr, including:
-Access/instructions/credentials to the training app
-A link to join the private Facebook group
-A file download for all the program documents

ONLY $97

Email >><< to request entry. Let's do this!