The Fitness Puzzle

It’s all related. For almost any goal. You can’t pick and choose which parts of the wellness equation you want to hack, to reach your destination. Diet, and exercise, and low stress, and the right program to produce the right results, are all required across the board.


🏎You have to be aware of your fuel to be at your best performance – for strength, physique, and endurance. Anyone who says you can just exercise, while not giving a sh*t about your food amounts/qualities/timing/etc, is lying to you. It would be like owning a Ferrari, but only using regular ol’ crap fuel and never getting tuneups while driving the thing into the ground. It doesn’t work. A premium vehicle requires premium fuel.


🚂 You have to exercise – and often, and vigorously – to achieve any long term change within your body. I’m shocked and appalled at how often pretenders in the industry say you can lose weight and be at your physical best through diet alone. WAKE UP. It would be like putting premium fuel in your junky ass Ford Focus, and being too lazy to drive it at all, but still expecting to reach your destination. Bitch your car is still parked in the garage. Get to moving. You need exercise to create the shape you desire, and then you use diet to sculpt the marble around the shape.


Need help putting your own puzzle together? 🧩 I offer programs for clients both in Phoenix and around the world for all skill levels and all budgets. DM me to get started on your own journey!

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