Which Diet Works Best?

❗️The ideal diet plan for you depends on who you are, what you’re doing, what your goals are, and what you’re willing to do to achieve those goals. ❗️This means that your ideal diet can change based on:
1️⃣ Your health history/conditions/medications/fitness background… examples: a diabetic vs. non-diabetic will diet much differently on carbs, meal timing, and more; and a seasoned athlete will have more experience to attempt more difficult diet strategies vs. someone who has no experience. 
2️⃣ Your fitness program… examples: the best diet for a bodybuilder is going to look drastically different than an Ironman triathlete, or an average Joe/Jane just looking to lose a little bit of weight.
3️⃣ Your goals… examples: someone seeking aggressive weight loss or muscle build will need to diet more aggressively (i.e., harder macro’s, restricted feeding windows, higher or lower calories); someone with a demanding workout volume will require a more meticulously tracked diet to be sure that they recover and continue to fire on all cylinders. 
4️⃣ Your dedication level… examples: someone who wants to lose weight but isn’t prepared to give up weekend freedom will be “allowed” more variance in quantities, qualities, and general adherence, vs. someone who currently favors more results over freedom. 
🔬I’ve tried almost every diet under the sun — sometimes just for fun, but mostly so that I can learn and experience the pro’s and con’s and strategies to succeed on each diet style. I’ve had clients on almost every strategy listed here… they all have their place — the total package that we put together for YOU depends on… well, YOU! The “diet” is a constantly moving target, with many complex pieces that make up your unique puzzle at any given time. 🧩 
Need help on your diet? I offer completely individual remote nutrition coaching for $150/mo, with weekly check-ins, accessible to anyone in the world! I am someone who talks the talk, and most certainly walks the walk when it comes to diet and fitness. Let’s get started on YOUR plan! ✅

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